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Mass Effect Props and Replicas

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 11, 2016, 8:49 AM
Beside my digital artworks i always was a big fan of Props and i love to create them myself. I started with Star Trek and Stargate, and when the first Mass Effect Game came out, i wanted to do some of the weapons and costumes for that universe too. Fortunately i was not the only one fascinated from the weapon designs and lot of fans built their own arsenal of Mass Effect Props.
So i wanted to showcase all the different weapon props from the Trilogy i found here on dA. I will try to collect at least one picture of every weapon we see ingame.

If you have a selfmade Mass Effect Prop too, show me in the comments.


- M3 Predator
Mass Effect M-3 Predator Foam by prettyfloralbonnet
- M6 Carnifex
M-6 Carnifex - Mass Effect by DriftWood-Props
- M5 Phalanx
Phalanx - Mass Effect by Syn-Prods
- M358 Talon
M358 Talon (Mass Effect) by eidylon
- Scorpion
MASS EFFECT 3 Scorpion Pistol replica, FINISHED by Mauricechief
- Blood Pack Executioner
Blood Pack Executioner (Mass Effect) by eidylon
- N7 Eagle
Mass Effect N7 Eagle Heavy Pistol replica by HoldW
- Arc Pistol
Mass Effect Arc Pistol by blackleafcreative


- N7 Hurricane
N7 hurricane from Mass Effect by GS-PROPS
- M4 Shuriken
3d printed M4 - Shuriken from Mass Effect by Starjeff
- M9 Tempest
3D printed M9 - Tempest by Starjeff
- M12 Locust
Mass Effect M-12 Locust by weaselhammer
- M23 Hornet
Mass Effect 3 M-25 Hornet by zanderwitaz


- Geth Plasma Shotgun
Geth Plasma Shotgun by bobsideways
- M11 Wraith
a ROUGH make of the M-11 Wraith by Boris-The-Animal
- M23 Katana
M23 Katana by Skullopathy
- M27 Scimitar
Mass Effect M-27 Shotgun by bobsideways
- N7 Crusader
Mass Effect Crusader Shotgun by BeCOSyouPLAY


- M13 Raptor
Mass Effect-Cerberus M-13 Raptor - sniper rifle by fiaformulaone
- M29 Incisor
Mass Effect 2 M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle Prop by zanderwitaz
- M92 Mantis
M-92 Mantis Sniper Rifle by bobsideways
- M97 Viper
Mass Effect M97 Viper Sniper Rifle Prop by zanderwitaz
- M98 Widow
Mass Effect M-98 Widow Rifle - Prop Commission by SketchMcDraw
- Javelin
Javelin Sniper Rifle by blackleafcreative


- M8 Avenger
Cosplay Props: Mass Effect M8 Rifle by LittleBlondeGoth
- N7 Valkyie
 Mass Effect 3 Valkyrie Rifle Prop by teyoliia
- M37 Falcon
Mass Effect M37 Falcon by Ruun
- Phaeston
Mass Effect Phaeston Rifle Prop (2) by Euderion
M-76 Revenant
M-76 Revenant Lifesize Prop by Euderion
- M55 Argus
Argus M-55 from Mass Effect 3 by GS-PROPS
- M96 Mattock
Mass Effect II Mattock M96 Heavy Rifle by zanderwitaz
- Cerberus Harrier
Mass Effect 3 Cererbus Harrier Assault rifle prop by zanderwitaz


- M920 Cain
Mass Effect M-920 Cain by RebelATS


- Thermal Clips
Prop Thermal Clip Mass Effect by ammnra

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My personal best artworks

Journal Entry: Sat May 9, 2015, 12:22 PM
Sometimes it's weird how the popularity of some of my pictures develop.
Some of them I worked on for days or even weeks disappear in anonymity, others that represented only a small gap filler, get hundreds of faves.

So i want to present some of my artworks thats means alot for myself. Some of them i really proud of. Maybe you like them too.

My Top 5 Trek Images

Starbase Roddenberry Dawn by Euderion Victim of the Romulan War by Euderion Full Speed ahead (Commission) by Euderion Tough little ship by Euderion Eating a Dreadnought for Breakfast (Commission) by Euderion

My Top 5 Mass Effect Images

First Contact War by Euderion Normandy by Euderion Geth Dreadnought by Euderion The Heart of the Machine (Happy N7-Day) by Euderion Reaper - This is true power by Euderion

My Top 5 Cosplay Images

Star Trek Euderion - The Last Supper by Euderion Victory for the Federation by Euderion Fight for Earth (Thanks for 100 000 Pageviews!!!) by Euderion Savior of the Citadel by Euderion The newer Generation by Euderion

My Top 5 Props & Artisan Craft

Mass Effect Armor Step by Step Construction by Euderion Star Trek Prop Typ 3a Phaser Rifle (IV) by Euderion First Contact Phaserrifles by Euderion Star Trek Assault Rifle Prop by Euderion Stargate Replicator Bug Models by Euderion

My Top 5 Spacescapes

Shining so bright by Euderion A colorful Day by Euderion Comet Sparks by Euderion Orange Space (Stock) by Euderion Heart of Gold (Stock) by Euderion

I hope you enjoy my work.
If you like them, i do Commission from time to time. 40 dA points per Image.
My conditions can be found here:

MASS EFFECT Cosplay Gods - Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 30, 2014, 9:11 AM
While browsing through deviantart I'm encountered a lot of very beautiful Mass Effect costumes who have inspired me or just amazed. I therefore wanted to showcase some of them.

Best Costumes

Kaidan Alenko by CynicPirate Combat Mastery by SoulFirePhotography Blue Suns Mercenary Armor - Mass Effect by Frijoleluna Mass Effect N7 Cosplay Photoshoot - DragonCon by Swoz Don't F*ck with Aria! by Hidrico Jane Shepard _ Mass Effect by CynShenzi
Mass Effect - Unlikely companions by sumyuna Mass Effect: Take back Earth by LittleBlondeGoth Archangel by Shazzsteel Completed Femshep armor by NaughtyZoot

Best Props

mass effect 3 paladin hand cannon by faustus70 Mass Effect 3 unkown gun real by CpCody Mass Effect Omni Tool 3 by Frijoleluna Mass Effect 3 M-25 Hornet by zanderwitaz 
Prop Thermal Clip Mass Effect by ammnra MASS EFFECT 3 Scorpion Pistol replica, paint done by Mauricechief Mass Effect M-8 Assault Rifle in Red by VariaK N7 Eagle (Mass Effect) by eidylon

Most Similarities

Mass Effect- Afterlife Ambient by Hidrico Ashley Williams Cosplay by iyamikinoko Pull by SoulFirePhotography
Garrus Vakarian cosplay by Nebulaluben
The Psychotic Biotic by MissSinisterCosplay FemShep [Mass Effect]: Preview by JoanneDelany Cosplay 7 by RPGER0

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The Dev-Art User post alot of scifi images who is not his own. He copy images from Dev-Art, Facebook and other websites and post it here as own artworks. That is not okay.

Please check if some of youre work is there and report it to DeviantArt.

He delete one of my mails to him where I have asked him not to do so. It's nice if he liked the artworks. To gather the images there is the fav button. But upload images unasked and impersonate as own work is like a slap in the face to every artist which has invested hours of work.

Please help the artist and report the images. Every single image is stolen and not from him.
All current commission work i have in progress.
Just for organize me and inform you.

:iconsushiprincess: - Interdictor cruiser with blue stripes (DONE) The Tireless 2 by Euderion
:iconspaceempire91: - NX class R.M.W.S. Falcon NXS-91. Front of warp nacelles instead of red, change to purple. Terran Empire yellow thingys, change to blue. (DONE) Ship of the Solar Star Empire (Commission) by Euderion

I still take on more jobs, but can make no guarantee as to when they are ready.
I will collect the future orders, and then finished by possibility. If you interisted in, look at my journal:…

Price: 40 DA points per image. No renaming ships anymore. They delay everything too much.
Please be patient i make this in my freetime.

Open for commissions

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 26, 2013, 10:57 AM
  • Listening to: Lindsey Stirling
  • Reading: Mass Effect - Deception
  • Playing: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
Hi there!

When I started to post Mass Effect Images, a lot of requests ended up in my PN box, if I would do commissison work.
Since I'm not sure how well the whole thing is run, I start to present a small number of jobs.
To this time, i'm open commissions each for 40 DA Points. 1 Commission per Person at a time.

What kind of artworks can I do?
I work almost exclusively with 3d in most of the SciFi-Verses.

-- Rendered Starship Scenes
(Star Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Stargate, Galactica) To view, wich ship classes i have as model, the best thing is to look in my galleries. Or just ask, i dont bite.

NOTICE: No renaming ships anymore!
It delay everything too much.


Tough little ship by Euderion Stormchaser by Euderion Geth Dreadnought by Euderion Trench Run by Euderion

-- Spacescapes


Comet Sparks by Euderion Heart of Gold (Stock) by Euderion Warm Sun by Euderion Burst by Euderion

-- Character scenes (mostly Mass Effect and Star Wars)
(I have a lot of models, but not every character. Just ask if i have it. No Porn! Nude and sexy is okay as long i have a 3d model, but no explicit scenes)


  Rivalry by Euderion The Women, the Spectre, the Legacy by Euderion Talon by Euderion In the lights of Purgatory by Euderion

What i dont do
-- Everything what has to do with the Star Trek Reboot from 2009
-- 3d model construction (I work only with the models i already have)
-- Explicit porn. No problem with nude or sexy.
-- Anything else than 3d renderings. (except space paintings)

How to contact me?
Send me a note with the work you want me to do and the description of your commission. The more you describe the scene, the better I can work with it. Examples are welcome. To send the finished artwork, I need an e-mail address. If you dont want to specify a mail address, I'll post it just here on DA.

When do you receive your artwork?
I make it in max 2 Month (mostly very earlier). If it gives problems, i contact you. Fleet scenes, repaints and many models need more time.

How to pay?
I take 40 DA points per image. Payable after receive of the artworks. Just click on my DA Page in the right corner the button "Give".

What will you receive from me?
You will receive a copy of the artwork by e-mail in full size. I work mostly in the relative size 4400 x 2750 px. You become a clear version without tags, credits or artist signs and can then use as desired. If you dont give me an email adress in the beginning, i post it on DeviantArt WITH Artist signs and credits.
Thank you for visiting my page and reading this journal, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Have a nice day!

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Why do you watch my works?

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 18, 2013, 1:21 PM
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  • Watching: Deviant-Art
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Ok, i must ask this question. Almost 400 Watchers. Why do you watch me?

Many people have written to me "i like your *** art, but I do not like youre *** art".
It can be probably not right for everyone. If i create a Mass Effect picture, the Star Trek fans dont like it. And vice versa.

As an artist I always try to do something different. And im a general scifi fan. I like everything what have to do with scifi.
But it would interest me like, what part of my work has led you to watch me???

1. My Star Trek art
2. My Stargate art
3. My Prop art
4. My Mass Effect art
5. My Euderion Fanfilm art
6. My Star Wars art
7. My Galactica art
8. My Babylon 5 art
9. My Space Stock art
10. All of youre works
11. I know you personally (from Cons or other)

Just tell me the number(s) in comment. That would be nice.

Should I post Prop pictures?

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 5:30 PM
In most cases, I post here 3d sci-fi images and some artworks of my Euderion fanfilm team. This is the material that you like, and why you have me added in youre watchlist.
But now some friends and acquaintances asked to publish my props here as artwork. This includes phaser rifles, PADDs, tricorders and other props and equipment from the sci-fi series Star Trek, Stargate, or Mass Effect that I built.

What would you say? Should I post prop pictures?

It would not be the same kind of art that I post here otherwise. So I ask you whether you want to see such a thing.

I would appreciate your opinion.

Thomas "Euderion" Harriman ;-)

29 Century Phaser Prop by Euderion Cardassian Phaser Prop by Euderion Mass Effect Phaeston Rifle Prop Final by Euderion Star Trek Assault Rifle Prop by Euderion

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Thank you all !!!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 12, 2011, 9:54 AM
Hey, Watchers and Friends.

In the last days i recieved so many faves for my works, more than 100 a Day, so i cannot answer all of them. Many many Thanks for this.
I try my best to react the comments to my Images, but in future its impossible to thanks everyone. Hope you can understand this.

Thanks muchly!